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HubSpot Video

  • Why working hard is a recipe to burnout, even if you are extremely passionate about what you do (Hint: feeling stressed and confused is one of the early signs…)

  • The #1 lesson I learned from my 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur – it’s something that my mentor Jim Rohn used to tell me over and over again…

  • The 4 ingredients of success in entrepreneurship: hard work, talent, and luck are the first three (the 4th one is critical but often neglected)

  • 7 simple but powerful exercises that will make sure you are heading in the right direction to building a solid foundation for your business

  • If you want to grow as an entrepreneur you only need to upgrade your skills, right? WRONG! After you acquire the skills, here’s what to do next... (Hint: it’s the reason why big companies like Kodak failed)

  • Why outsourcing remains one of the best options if you want to keep growing your business in 2021 + the two best platforms to use (you will never work with full-timers once you understand this)

  • What to do when "the shiny object syndrome" hits and you have the tendency to put more on your plate (Hint: it's a simple system guaranteed to work)

  • And much, much more


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